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Refund Policy

Request for cancellation of orders must be made before the order has been completed. You may e-mail or inform us through creating a support ticket for an order to be cancelled. Failing to do so will void the order cancellation and credit refund.

Placing the cancellation request of an order through notes is not advised. EstimatedBPO will not be responsible for a failed order cancellation request if you haven’t used support ticket or have informed us through e-mail.

Orders that were reassigned or has been cancelled by the Valuation site because it was not submitted on time for the reason that you have not updated us with the necessary information or photos, will also be void of cancellation and credit refund. We advise you to update us with the subject photos right after the order has been completed or has been placed in the Platform. Late BPO's or reassigned BPO's because of this reason will not be honored for cancellation and credit refund.

Orders that have been cancelled or placed on-hold by the valuation Site after the order has been processed/completed is also void for order cancellation and credit refund.

If you claim to have sent a cancellation request beforehand without any proof (screenshot of a cancellation request with date and time sent), it will not be honored and you will not be entitled for a credit refund.

On account termination, as per request, you will be prompted to perform a one-time withdrawal (via Paypal at this moment) of your remaining balance. EstimatedBPO anticipates your full coordination with our staff to achieve quality BPO report and faster Turnaround time.